Hair Multiplication or cellular hair transplant is the future of hair transplant industry. Dr. Nigam's Goodhealth Pvt. Ltd. is first commercial clinic to offer fusion of hair transplant with biotechnology to save your donor by partial regeneration and better survival and quality of transplanted hair.

At present we offer 3 different hair doubling techniques :
A. De-novo Hair Doubling
B. In-vitro Hair Doubling
C. In-vivo Hair Doubling

Hair doubling means by bisecting hair follicle at dermal cup sheath level (The part of root), we can have both the bisected part of the follicle grow back in varying percentage, depending on the percentage used. This is supported with dermal papilla cell and various other factors including PRP and ECM.

Thus hair doubling would be the next gold slandered in hair transplantation as we can double the number of hair grafts extracted. It is up to the patient and his donor scalp weather he/she wants both bisected hair follicle to be implanted at recipient scalp or one bisected follicle at the recipient and other at donor scalp.

In traditional FUE and FUT Hair transplant, there is only relocation of hair follicles from back of donor scalp to the front of recipient scalp hence there is no extra gain of hair on your scalp. A good donor scalp is required specially for patients who have higher grades of baldness as they require 7000 to 12000 hair grafts or 18000 to 35000 hair follicles and their donor scalp is not sufficient to provide the same.